Powerful solution partner of local governments

Ortem is a strong solution partner of local governments in integrated solid waste management projects with human and environmental focus.



Ortem Inc. is serving with its experienced technical staff, strong vehicle and equipment park to local governments on the issues of solid waste management, environmental cleaning and park and garden maintenance. 

Orakçı Group, which started its operations in 1978 with the construction works of service buildings, landscaping and infrastructure for municipalities, took its place in the sector in 1993 in the field of local administration services and since 1998 it has collected its activities under the Ortem roof.

Within the last 24 years in the sector, Ortem has taken its place within pioneer establishments in the sector, through strengthened with sense of responsibility towards the environment and society, investments in technology, value given to constant improvement and knowledge, outstanding service understanding, approach to develop technical solutions in accordance with local conditions, energy of employees, loyalty and creativity.

Ortem Inc. also proves its quality of service, its values to its employees and the environment by its TS EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality, TS EN ISO 14001: 2004 Environment, TS OHSAS 18001: 2008 Occupational Health and Safety Management System documents and service adequacy certificates.


Products and Services

Urban Solid Waste Management

Solid waste management is one of the most important problems that local governments need to solve. Urban solid wastes seriously threaten human health by polluting the environment we live in, unless they are not effectively managed. 

Ortem fulfills the obligations of the municipalities which it shares its responsibilities by working fast, thorough, active and efficient.

• Solid waste collection

• Transfer of wastes

• Recycle

• Disposal of waste

Ortem is a strong solution partner of local governments in integrated solid waste management projects with human and environmental focus.


The integrated solid waste management system is an internationally accepted approach that ensures that urban solid waste management services are planned and carried out at a sustainable and affordable cost in terms of quality, environment and economy. Ortem serves with its professional staff at every stage from the planning to the operation of integrated solid waste management projects, in which all elements, from waste collection to recycling and disposal, are handled as a whole.


Urban Cleaning Services

Another important issue that local governments should produce solutions for is environmental cleanliness, which is important both for human and environmental health as well as for aesthetics. Ortem serves with various specifications and sizes of sweeping and washing machines and educated personnel to solve the pollution brought by the intense urban life quickly, efficiently and economically.

• Cleaning of roads, streets and squares 

• Washing and disinfection of containers 

• Machine sweeping and washing of roads

• Cleaning of district bazaars

• Banner Remove 

• Banner remove Beach cleaning

• Fight against snow and road salting


Maintenance, Repair Services of Park, Garden and Green Areas

In order to transform the cities into contemporary, better living spaces, local governments attach importance to environmental planning and continue to create new green patterns. These areas has a great role in urban life due to the benefits of climate control, erosion control and increase of environmental quality etc. as well as in terms of aesthetics. Regular maintenance and clean-ups are also needed to protect their beauty and function as well as the creation of parks and gardens.

Ortem serves to municipalities on the issues watering of parks and gardens, green areas, arranging plants to strengthening the development of plants in order to making them healthy, giving form, and regular maintenance to increase the quantity and quality of flowering.

• Park and garden arrangement services

• Park and garden maintenance services

• Watering park areas

• Tree and plant pruning

• Mowing of grass

• Parking cleaning services

• Disinfection of plants in park areas


An endless journey: quality

Our company has started to its quality journey with TS EN ISO 9002 document which is taken firstly in 2000 and documented its quality by using management systems systematic which is formed in the service processes it has provided. Since 2003, respectively studies on environmental and occupational health safety management systems have started and have been documented along with the year 2004, meeting the requirements of the standards.

After this date, management systems are integrated and tried to create more understandable, more processable and solution-oriented form. 

As we are an environment oriented company, we pay particular attention to issue of waste and waste management. In particular, hazardous wastes emerging in the course of vehicle repair and maintenance activities are collected separately, stored in the framework of regulations and disposal of them is provided.

In addition, recovery methods are preferred instead of disposal in the process of removing waste from our establishments without harming the environment. Thus, our wastes are also brought in economy.

We believe that environmental consciousness and culture, and provide sustainability of it in society can be achieved by education. By taking into consideration this, after we have chosen the right staff for the job we make sure that every staff member without any distinction we take them to education programme. In this context, we should educate our staff on issues that can be used during business life such as vocational special education, emergency situations, environment, etc. and also raise awareness of our society.

By choosing the right vehicle for the appropriate job, we are doing our jobs in the most efficient and high quality manner and working in a way that will cause the least damage to the environment, and we keep the public and employee health at the highest level.


Sense of Work and Quality Education

Ortem aims to constantly renew and develop with regular training programs.

Ortem, who believes in the importance and necessity of education to stable renew, to increase the quality of the service offered to the customers, to follow the development and change, supports all its employees with the updating of their business information and their own personal development with internal and external training. For the employees who provide services with high self-sacrifice in high risk streets and roads fully fulfill the requirements of the risk analysis prepared by the professionals for their safety and provide continuous training to their employees on work safety, environment and traffic rules.