Rising Brand of Plastic Injection Mold

Ormold Plastic Mould makes production with its highly educated and experienced staff and high technological wide machine park in 1,700 m2 indoor area in Gebze-Şekerpınar within the scope of Orakçı Companies Group which has 39 years of experience.



Ormold, which started its activities in Kayapa Industrial Zone in 2011 within its sister company Plaskar Plastic Injection, responds to the demands of its customers in Turkey and also exports mold to abroad.

Ormold, always acting with the principle of being creative and innovative, aims unconditional customer satisfaction with its professional management approach. Ormold serves customers in automotive, white appliances, medical, public transport seats and aviation sectors, providing high quality, fast and perfect products to its customers with ISO 9001-2015 quality certificate obtained in 2016.

Ormold, which has proven its capability by producing the bumper molds within the scope of the SFTP project of Mercedes, is also producing 2K - dual component molds for in-mold transfer system, core-back system and rotary systems.

Ormold performs the cmm measurements within its own body and forms the necessary infrastructure for fast and quality production.

With Romer Absolute Arm 3D laser scanning and measuring device, the external supported parts are checked and the produced parts are measured; thus they aim at perfect production. In Ormold, which makes a difference in the sector thanks to this equipment, measurement reports can be taken without disassembling the parts on the workbench and their conformity to the data can be checked.