Orakçı Machinery
Targeting To Be a World Brand in on-vehicle Equipment Production

On-board equipment sector it is the largest producer in Turkey in terms of product range whose project and production is carried out.



Orakçı Machinery, which meets the on-vehicle equipment needs of local governments and service companies, can compete in global markets with its facilities, human resources and R & D investments; it’s a company that product variety is high, does not compromise continuous improvement and quality of understanding, supports its customer everywhere in the world before and after the sale. 

Orakçı Machinery Industry and Trade Incorporated Company, which started to make production in the factory in Kayapa Industrial Zone in 2002, continues its activities with continuous development and growth targets in its facilities with 9,600 m2 indoor area in Ovaakça since 2016 with its 125 employees, 15 of which are engineers.

In the on-vehicle equipment sector; it is one of the largest companies in Turkey within the scope of the product range which is projected and manufactured by it. It has a production capacity of 1,200 pieces of equipment annually.

By year 2014, Orakçı Machinery Industry and Trade Incorporated Company brings together 95% of the products it manufactures, which is a significant rate computationally, with the customers outside Turkey. The regions where the products are offered are mainly; Middle East, North Africa, Turkic Republics, South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Foreign trade relations are carried out by Maksat Inc.Co., which is one of the Group’s companies. As a customer portfolio, activities are carried out jointly with truck manufacturers or distributors as direct partners in the regions and/or countries where we operate.


Sense of Work and Quality

We are aware that today the concept of quality is not only to meet customer xpectations, but also to provide products and services beyond the customer expectations.

In this context, we try to analyze the expectations and demands of our customers at first. We evaluate all the positive and negative data we receive from our customers at the point of product and/or service and reflect our products and services or new works as new design inputs within the scope of improvements.

Within the scope of our business partnership with our customers, we carry out training activities on the usage, maintenance, troubleshooting and equipment installation issues to the employees of our customers and/or their customers, according to their needs, at our own facility or customer premises.

We provide our customers from any country with technical staff support and our partners with information flow and staff support in marketing and technical support issues in their hot spots in various regions. With these activities, we put all technical information and possibilities of Orakçı Machinery into our customers’ use in all their processes before and after sales.


Goods and Services

Waste Management Equipment

• Hydraulic compacted garbage cans

• Vacuum road sweeping equipment

• Garbage equipment with damper system

• Hook lift

• Skip loader

• Industrial waste containers


High Working Platforms

• Telescopic basket platforms

• Articulated basket platforms


Auto Rescuers

• Auto rescuers with hydraulic sliding platform

• Crane auto rescuers

• Auto rescuers with fixed platform


Tanker Group

• Sewage Truck

• Pumper

• Water tank


Cranes  (from 3 tons m to 30 tons m)  

• Telescopic cranes

• Jointed cranes